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Most of the landscapes that I paint are done in acrylic on canvas but a few are oil and one or two are both. 

I usually paint from a photo that I enlarge, photocopy and hang near the easel for reference. It has to be said that the vast majority are Devonshire based as there is quite a bit of amazing scenery in these parts (as I too reside in the shire)  I have a particular fondness for wooded walks with rivers running through and summer beaches with cliffs breaking up the skyline. so  they form an integral part of my landscapes. I hope you get to visit some of the locations in person some day.

I have a special love of Dartmoor, so quite a few paintings reference my particular haven from the city life.


'Dartmoor is as beautiful as it is varied with its rocky spires and undulating hills covered in gorse and heather. Incredible old woods home to meandering rivers that teem with life.

Wild horses and deer roam freely across the moors, kingfishers and sparrow hawks living off this abundant fauna, a wonderful green oasis far from the cities reach'.   

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