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       Born in Essex and raised in Devon, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded beautiful country side which has greatly inspired my creativity. My artistic journey started in 2015,  I have been teaching myself to paint in a variety of ways, trying to find myself and a style that reflected me and my personality. As a young adult I would be drawn to art galleries like a moth to a flame and would buy artwork from both local and international artists alike. I love being immersed in a creative world.

      I have been greatly influenced by works of Brazilian born artist Henderson Cisz for his vibrant cityscapes, French abstract artist Georges Matheau for his iconic and intense energetic style, John Constable with his classic British landscapes that I feel like climbing inside and exploring! Bristol's infamous Banksy who, in my opinion is one of the most influential living artists of our time, Salvador Dali for his stylistic surrealism that was iconic across the world and Isreali born Govinder Nazran whose use of reds and golds within his palette struck a cord with me and was the first artist's painting that I ever bought..

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